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How to Start a Startup

Embrace your inner entrepreneur. A startup business requires hard work and strategic planning to be successful. If you’re considering starting your own business, here’s what you need to begin. Find a Purpose Why were lemonade stands created? To provide lemonade to...

Advice for the First-Time Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur can be an intimidating experience. Starting your own business without really understanding everything that goes along with it is something many people wouldn’t even dream to attempt, but for those who are brave enough to do it, there are lots of resources out there to help them on their way, many from already successful entrepreneurs. When starting your own business, it’s easy to make a mistake and be unaware of something important. Follow these pieces of advice to make the most of becoming an entrepreneur and avoid those costly errors.

Don’t Make these 5 Entrepreneurial Blunders

Becoming an entrepreneur is challenging. You have to create your own company and make sure you’re aware of all the necessities that go into doing so. You also need to make hiring decisions and find funds to support your venture. Starting a business takes an incredible amount of hard work and lots of entrepreneurs do not have much experience. Being an entrepreneur is a great way to jumpstart and manage your personal success, but you need to know what common mistakes to avoid.

How to Fake It Until You Make It And Transform Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

Many people find it hard to admit, even privately, when they just aren’t good at something. Sure, you agree that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but how comfortable are you naming your own shortcomings? It’s not masochism — recognizing your own weaknesses is the first step to turning them into strengths. Next time you face a challenge, identify your own weakness, and then make a commitment to act as if it were a strength. Fake it ‘till you make it can go a long way, and you can improve your performance simply by forcing your outward actions to align with your ideals and act as if it comes naturally.