Becoming an entrepreneur can be an intimidating experience. Starting your own business without really understanding everything that goes along with it is something many people wouldn’t even dream to attempt, but for those who are brave enough to do it, there are lots of resources out there to help them on their way, many from already successful entrepreneurs. When starting your own business, it’s easy to make a mistake and be unaware of something important. Follow these pieces of advice to make the most of becoming an entrepreneur and avoid those costly errors.

Everyone sells. Always.

Young entrepreneurs often forget this basic, important tenet. Don’t get so caught up in the titles and the fundraising that you forget where the heart of your success lies: providing your product to people who need it. Everyone at your company should remember this at all times, including you, and strive to be a brand ambassador at every opportunity. In a startup or even a young company, this is a key component of growth and success.

Accept failure…and move past it

As a developing entrepreneur, there’s a lot you don’t know. There will be times when you mess up, so learn from those experiences and move forward. No matter what it is, you’ll be able to move past it and start again, building off of your failure. Failure can actually be incredibly good for your future success, so embrace it and do better the next time.

Reach out to potential connections

Reaching out to strangers makes lots of people nervous. It can be intimidating to contact a professional in your field who you admire, but don’t know. Instead of being afraid they’ll think you’re rude, go ahead and do it, no matter who they are; this is known as a cold email. Many professionals welcome questions from those who are less experienced and will help you out if they have time. Make sure your email is professional and well-written and if you don’t hear back from them, just shrug it off and move on to the next email.

Create a strong online presence

If you’re trying to start your own business, the best place to begin advertising and making a name for yourself is online. Nearly everyone uses some form of social media, so figure out your target audience and the social media they use the most. Create a presence on those platforms and talk about your business; you’ll be able to get your name out so people are aware of your endeavors.

Craft your personal and professional brand

In addition to creating a strong online presence, you need to figure out what that presence will be in. If you’re looking to start your own business, you know where you want to focus, so work on making and presenting yourself as an expert in that industry. Once you have enough knowledge about your field, begin developing your brand. Once you start working on your business, develop that brand as well. You’ll need to set yourself apart from other companies, so create a unique brand for yourself and your company that helps you stand out.

Master your organizational skills

If you want to have a successful business, you’ll need to become a master at organization. Be aware of all the laws that apply to running your own company, in addition to what you’ve done and what needs to get done. Take time to write everything down and make plenty of lists and spreadsheets so you can easily keep track of each task you’re doing. The more organized you are, the easier running your business will be.