Ari Monkarsh

Proven Entrepreneur and Growth Specialist

Ari Monkarsh is a highly successful entrepreneur and business leader with a significant history of both starting successful businesses, and taking leadership positions within fledgling companies to turn them into money-making powerhouses.

About Ari

Ari Monkarsh

What Entrepreneurship Means to Ari Monkarsh

Ari Monkarsh is ultimately a businessman.

He has spent years striving for success in business and has since made his mark as an entrepreneur. Ari understands what it means to be focused on success and have the mindset of an entrepreneur, which leads him to always working toward his goals and improving his hustle. Entrepreneurs are often some of the most dedicated people, especially because they need to be committed to their end goals in order to accomplish true success in their business ventures. This dedication is something Ari Monkarsh understands well, working tirelessly in his professional life.

Ari views business much like a competitive sport; those who have the correct skills will thrive and achieve great success. In this situation, one of those main skills is the entrepreneurial spirit. Without the passion of an entrepreneur, it becomes much more difficult to succeed in the field of business. Entrepreneurs must possess a certain quality that allows them to work diligently, stay organized, and push toward the highest level of success they can possibly achieve in their journey. Ari Monkarsh certainly possesses this entrepreneurial drive and it has led him to great success throughout his career as an entrepreneur.

Ari Monkarsh’s Professional Experience

Throughout his professional career, Ari Monkarsh has worked in a variety of roles with many different companies. He’s worked his way through the ranks with a mix of hard work, determination, and hustle. Ari also has significant experience starting his own businesses and helping them grow. A lot of his experience is also with developing companies he takes a leadership role within, then helps grow into powerhouses.
Ari currently works at Argos Equity, which is a small, private holding company that focuses on their group of portfolio companies. The goals for these companies include growth in the Software as a Service (SaaS) and education industries. Ari Monkarsh has put in over seven years with this company and continues his hard work to improve it. He has also held leadership roles at other companies, where he helped propel the businesses toward success. Two of his previous roles included: Vice President of Sales and Business Development at RealtyTrac Inc. and was previously the Vice President at R3 Media. Ari helped RealtyTrac become a national foreclosure expert and also helped a start-up bring in consistent revenue as the business experienced impressive growth.

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