You can be the hardest worker in your company, but there are just going to be days when your productivity levels aren’t what they should be. You could have great ambition and work hard toward your goals and milestones, but it can be hard to force yourself to complete difficult and daunting tasks. For many people, this feeling eats away at them and they fall behind on their work and do not accomplish nearly as much as they could. This issue is why it’s so vital that every entrepreneur finds an accountability partner. You probably usually hear accountability partners mentioned when it comes to working on your fitness, but they can be incredibly beneficial in business pursuits as well.


A great part of having an accountability partner is the motivation they can provide as you’re working hard to accomplish your goals. Some people are capable of motivating themselves, but it’s much easier when you have another person cheering you on. An accountability partner can motivate you to get that difficult task done, especially when you can’t push yourself to do it.


While you can look up great advice online and listen to motivational speeches, there’s something about having another person to directly talk to and work through problems with. Entrepreneurs face lots of challenges through their career and it helps a lot to have an accountability partner who can offer helpful advice. Even just talking over what you’re trying to accomplish can make your path seem easier and you might hear some advice you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Stress relief

Accountability partners provide fantastic stress relief. They help you realize that you aren’t doing it alone and have someone you can rely on. Discussing difficulties and having someone you can go to if your business seems overwhelming helps with getting rid of unnecessary stress. You do not have to worry about problems on your own; having one other person there can make a world of difference.

Monitors progress

It’s incredibly easy for us to lie to ourselves and think we’re accomplishing more than we actually are. An accountability partner makes sure we get done what needs to be done and keeps us honest about the progress we’re making. Your accountability partner doesn’t need to babysit you, but you should periodically touch base to see how everything is progressing.

Peer pressure

There’s plenty of evidence that shows we perform better in groups and try harder than if we’re working on our own. A good accountability partner is someone who can put some pressure on your to get done whatever you say you’ll do as an entrepreneur. It could something small or a major milestone, but having a peer hold expectations of you to accomplish it is a great motivator.